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Predicte was founded in 2014 by Dr. Haigui, a bioenzyme catalyzer, with a registered capital of 12 million yuan. The company is located in Nanjing Life Science and Technology Town, Science Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing. Pharmaceutical and intermediate technology research and development enterprises.


Primet Bio's main business is to use various hardware and mature technology platforms established by the company to provide pharmaceutical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediate companies with various industrialized technological solutions including technology transfer, commissioned research and development, cooperative research and development, and production. Assist customers to improve product quality and significantly reduce production costs, and promote green transformation and upgrade and green and safe development of the pharmaceutical raw material industry.


We are advancing on the road of R & D and innovation, and persistence. We have created a bioenzyme catalytic technology platform, especially in the fields of oxidoreductase, cyanolase, transaminase, and aldolase. Match various types

Enzyme reaction, can provide customers with one-stop services including enzymatic route design, enzyme preparation processing and production, process optimization, and technical consultation.

Since its establishment, the company has cooperated with many enterprises to successfully develop leading products and high value-added products in a number of sub-sectors. Some products have entered the pilot and industrial production stages.

The company always implements the concept of innovation and development, actively creates an atmosphere of innovation, cultivates the ability to innovate, and establishes an innovation mechanism. With continuous breakthroughs in product technology and more intimate service spirit, it brings customers higher quality and higher service experience.


Corporate mission and vision

Promote and promote green chemistry, assist customers to improve product quality and significantly reduce production costs, and carry out industrial upgrading and green and safe production in accordance with national policies.


Programme of Action


Customer first

Take products as the core and bond to achieve mutual trust and create value with customers



Take responsibility, be responsible for the results, do not make excuses and reasons, and start with the end


Start from me

Don't forget your original intention, consciousness of the overall situation, continuous learning and continuous growth



Simple people, simple things, simple goals



Deep thinking, efficient execution, turning impossible into possible


Nanjing Purite Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 

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Contact: Mr. Liu Zhibin


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